Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Proud Supporters of the Pride of Essex Awards

It's not often you stumble upon such a gem of an awards. Its purpose is to give those unsung heroes, people that overcome adversity with a smile, offer support to communities, and make a real difference to other people with our county of Essex.

Wisdom Design have offered their help to rebrand the Awards for a growing audience.

The awards have been held for many years, predating the other  'Pride of' awards on TV in fact!

So do follow the awards, and draw true inspiration from others. We salute them all.

Web PrideofEssexAwards.org.uk

Twitter @poeawards

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Top Gear or Scalextric - you decide.

During silly season this Christmas, we thought that the guys next door's Scalextric track was awsome. We had the cameras, the dollies, the equipment to make a kind of Top Gear style short film to flex our creative muscles... Get set, ready...

Merry Christmas everybody.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Interesting background choice?

We see that Njoy (a leading E-Cigarette brand) have relaunched their retail packaging and are hitting the shelves somewhere near you - Tesco Direct. They have left the Embassy-style look they had and used some trippy background to appeal to the 90s real cigarette survivors. Trippy man.

NJoy previous brand
Embassy's iconic brand

Thing is, to our eye, it resembles the often nasty images associated with health warnings - graphic keyhole camera pics of lumps, bumps and life threatening nasties that the Govt. plant as constant reminders of what's happening inside our unsuspecting bodies. You decide:

Relaunched brand for Njoy

Nasty polyps somewhere 'up there'.

Its certainly a prettier brand, had it been for popping candy, or dishwasher crystals, brilliant. But in context with the long seated visual associations in an industry riddled with health fears?  Mmmm.

This is a shame because with no tar or carbon monoxide present (and quite often no nicotine) facts suggest that these replacements for cigarettes represent a much, much reduced health risk and pathway to a better quality of life for hardened smokers, wanting a better future. With such a litigious society, no authority wants to be the first to publicly endorse them.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014